Learning to give myself validation, acceptance and compassion


Self-worth comes from within us, not from what anyone else says or thinks. Healthy self-worth is made up of three strands:
  1. understanding what you believe about yourself
  2.  seeing what makes you unique
  3. being able to offer yourself compassion
Growing good self-worth involves challenging what we believe about ourselves.
Identifying and accepting what makes us unique.
Practicing compassion directed at our own sense of being not enough.

Self-Worth Foundations 

A 5 day programme using videos, a social media group, zoom call and workbook, all aimed at understanding where our self-worth comes from and where we might want to build ourselves up.It covers the three strands of self-worth, how to challenge beliefs, exercises in seeing our uniqueness and offering ourselves compassion. Building a solid framework to begin working on a more positive sense of self.
It costs £50 and can be booked  by clicking the button.

30 Day 

Building on the foundations

A challenge to actively build more self-worth over a period of 30 days. A journal prompt every day, additional weekly exercises, group zoom calls and a whole bunch of other useful resources including a one to one session.
Cost: £50  If you want to join us for the next group, register by clicking the button.