How do you look after yourself?
What do you do each day to make sure that you are OK?
Where or who do you get support from?
How do you protect your 'me' time?
What makes you feel relaxed?
What gives you energy?

what is self-care?

Self-Care is anything that helps you to take better care of yourself. It includes things like relaxation, 'me' time, social life, diet and exercise. But on a deeper level it also includes things like boundaries, time management and self-worth.  Anything you can think of that helps you to live well, that is self-care.

Why is self-care important?

Self-care is important because you are important! 
You matter, your well-being matters!
People who practice good self-care are more likely to cope with stress, handle change and build positive relationships with others.
Self-care helps to clear head space, so you can deal with what your day brings, whatever it is.
People with good self-care habits are more confident, more able to keep boundaries and more capable of saying 'no' when they need to.
There is a direct connection between good self-care and a sense of self worth - the better your self-care is the higher your self-worth.

How Do I do self-care?

You can do all kinds of things to look after yourself well. Here's a few suggestions of  things to try out:
A quiet walk in the country can help you relax, be calm and refocus.
A warm bubble bath can help you to cope with stress & wind down at the end of a day.
Give yourself permission to draw, paint or do some other creative thing, just for fun.
Write in a journal, what is happening in your life and how do you feel about it?
Give yourself a day doing something that you enjoy - read a book, go out somewhere, write a letter, sing and dance, whatever gives you joy!

Couch to self-care

Couch to Self-Care is a six week program aimed at reviewing and updating your self-care plan, or for some people, starting your self-care plan. It covers six key themes that have a big impact on our ability to look after ourselves:
  • Little & Often explores the different types of self care and the need to do small things every day in addition to bigger plans.
  • You Are Worthy explores self-worth and the different stories we tell ourselves about who we are, then relates that to how we do our self-care.
  • Boundaries explores the need for clarity when we are dealing with other people and also covers things like screen time and how to protect your 'me' time.
  • Stop The Overwhelm explores our sense of being overwhelmed by life and how we can challenge our thinking about needs/wants and should/could.
  • Give Yourself Time takes a deeper look at how we use our time and how we value our own time.
  • You Do You brings everything together in a week aimed at taking everything you have learned and making your own bespoke self-care plan.
I won't lie to you, this program takes some energy, time and brainpower, but it is totally worth it.
Here is some of the feedback from previous participants:
"It's deep, challenging, and totally life-changing."
"I never realised just how much I sabotage my own self-care until now."
"Insightful, brilliant and a whole new world of possibilties."

Couch To Self-Care Groups are limited to four members so that I can offer really good quality time to you all.
It costs £300 but there is an installment plan to make things easier. 
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