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Grief Coaching

Grief comes in many forms but usually is marked by a sense of loss. Loss of a person through death, divorce or illness. Loss of a job, a role or a sense of self. Loss of a pet, a relationship,  or a loss of status. 
Grief Coaching offers you support and a safe space in which to process your grief and begin to take steps forward when you are ready.  
Things to remember about grief:
  • it comes in waves, you can go from feeling ok to feeling completely grief-stricken in seconds.
  • it is expressed in lots of different ways, not just the obvious tears and sadness but also things like anger, a sense of desertion or a need to physically do something like cleaning.
  • there is no time limit on grief, no timeline you can follow telling you where you should be at and when. It takes as long as it takes.

Trauma Coaching

Trauma is a very specific type of issue that can cause all kinds of problems from maintaining relationships, keeping a job, self-confidence and trust issues. 
Trauma can also trigger mental health issues.

Things to know about trauma:

Trauma is a response we have to something bad happening to us or when we have witnessed it happening to someone we care about. 

Trauma is a normal response and can be worked through using tools and techniques.

Trauma can be a response to something happening now, or something from the past that has not been resolved.

Most people can work through their trauma and move forwards in life, but occasionally the trauma persists and becomes a mental health issue known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Trauma Coaching can help you to work through the trauma you are experiencing.

Need Support?

If you need some support with grief or trauma, get in touch. I offer a free 30min session for you to try out my services. You can book an appointment by clicking the button.