Today I Win!!

There are days living with OCD and agoraphobia that are awful and then there are days like today.
Today, I went out with Matt for a walk to the local shops, although I didn't go in the shop, I did go off for a little wander out in the trees nearby while Matt ran his errands. Yes there was some tapping, touching and flapping going on and quite a lot of word repeating while I was outside, but I win for three reasons:
  1. I went out.
  2. I managed to contain my 'getting ready to go outside' ritual to the bare minimum using a technique I learned in therapy.
  3. When we got home, I deliberately took my right shoe off first, when my return ritual is the left one first. OCD had a little tantrum about that, I REALLY wanted to put my shoes back on and do it 'properly', but I resisted that in spite of the tantrum in my brain that made making my daily cup of coffee difficult.
I have had my coffee and OCD has calmed down to a sort of background noise level leaving me feeling slightly frazzled, but good because today I WON!