Sunday 17th January 2021

Today was not a great day, OCD-wise. I had non stop compulsive behaviours from start to finish and I have no idea why. Just lots of 'this will be easier if I tap now' type thoughts and a huge amount of repetitions. ALL BLOODY DAY!

So any plans I may have had to be a human being today had to be dropped as I entered the zone of coping and managing symptoms.  So keep my busy, playgames on my phone, crochet, no not enough concentration for crochet, so lets find some old stuff to pull back so I can recycle the yarn. Cooking is good, I narrate and repeat a lot but at least I can eat. 

Matt was, of course, brilliantly supportive. I was very frustrated! I don't know why I have random days like this one. They make no sense. But then, I guess that's why it's called a disorder.